Tuesday, October 14, 2008

St. Mary's Lab Day 1


The differences in motor behavior and social behavior between the St. Mary students that I observed is that some like to be independent and some like to interact. Many of the older children were very independent and didn’t want to participate in anything. They were very skilled. Many of the female students had their own groups and wanted to play their own games while the males wanted participate in many activities. The pre-K students were very fun to play with. They were energetic and loved to play tag games. Sometimes they can get quite excited and tend to get tired very quickly. I think that grade level, gender and their ability influence motor behavior. I think that because the older a student is the more better they are at an activity. A lot of the older students tend to get involved in more athletic skills.

Based on my observation I observed many fine motor activities that the St. Mary students did. I was playing basketball with some students and most of them were very good. They had good control of the basketball and their shots were phenomenal for their age level. There were differences between ages and that all depends on how strong they are and how well they know the activity. For the students who knew the game of basketball they were very good at playing it. When I was with the younger students at the pre-K level, I felt that the boys were more enthusiastic in playing games and they were more involved. I felt that the girls were laid back in a way and wanted to do their own thing. Within the motor activities of the students, you can distinguish what stage they are at whether it is initial, elementary or mature. When the younger students are running around you can see them having trouble with their hops and their jumps. They try and use so much effort and when they perform these activities you can tell they are struggling. With the older kids they are doing movements correctly.

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