Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Physical Education Mini-Conference

On Friday October 10, 2008 I attended the Physical Education Mini-Conference at SUNY Cortland. I thought that it was an excellent conference and I learned so much from it. It helped me get myself ready for the future and to try out new things. I attended the Intergrating Polar Technology Into Your PE Program and I thought it was very beneficial. I was very interested in hearing the inventions that were produced for PE programs. It was great to see how you can measure heart rates, blood pressure, weight or even percentage of body fat. It is a very useful tool to bring into the classroom and to see where your students are at. I also attended the Hi Tech/Lo Tech PE presentation. That was an incredible presentation. Part of the presentation consisted of playing video games, but when you were playing the video game you were doing some sort of physical activity whether it was a step master or a bike. When you were playing the game and you stopped using the step master or the bike, the game will automatically pause. I feel that when going to presentations like these ones, opens up my mind and gives me new ideas.

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