Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lab 4 Was a Very Very Very Hard Day

There were several difficulties and challenges that I have faced since I have been at St. Mary’s. One of my main difficulties is that the children are too wild and they tend not to listen at times. When I or a member of my group tries to explain a game, the children are distracted by what is around them or the other students and they tend not to listen. I noticed when one student acts out another student thinks that is a good idea so they feel like they have to act out too. However, there are some students that listen but others are too wild. I feel that I have control, but only to a certain extent. It is difficult when we as students are trying to our best to be successful in playing the games but the students are not cooperating. I can correct these problems by just calming down and doing what I do best. That is to have fun and get the kids to listen. I will not baby the students and I will not give in to them.

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