Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lab 6: My Experience at St. Marys

When working with the St. Mary’s students I have learned so much about young children. I learned that they are very adventurous and they like to explore things in great amounts. When providing games for the young children, we as a group needed to come with ideas that will get them engaged. Working with children is much different than working with older age students. With young children they are extremely wild and they sometimes do not listen to what you have to say of any ideas that you have in store for them. It is very hard to get their attention and it is very hard for you to get them to accomplish a task in a game. I liked working with the young children and I didn’t like working with the young children. I love working with them because they were very enthusiastic when we all had shown up and they also give me a great workout. I have learned so much from this teaching experience. By going to St. Mary’s it had proven to me that this is the profession that I want to go into. I have worked with young children before, but not like this. They changed my whole perspective in teaching and I know that I can be very successful.

Lab 5: What Games Should Be Used

Chosing games for the students that are developmentally appropiate is very important. I picked games that get the students involved. We as educators need to enhance their imagination so they get excited for the games. Students love when you come up with great ideas. If you come in with games that are the same exact thing as you did the class before then they will not be motivated to do anything. Also you should use games that the students are capable of doing. Do not have them do activities where the skill is hard. If that happens then the students will not want to participate.

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